We have lots of Canned Veggies, Jams and Jellies at our CSA in Loma, Colorado.

It started with a Love for each other, our Lord, and wanting a healthy and sustainable life.  We purchased a blank slate with 10 acres and a Home in Loma, Colorado and spent many years Regenerating the land and creating our Garden of Eden.  We now feel our calling is to share it with you and our community by providing healthy Pasture raised Rabbits, Quail, Chickens, and Goats for your Homestead as well as our New Meat and Egg CSA.  This year (2023) we are already busy building new mobile coops, Retrofitting a greenhouse into a brooder room, and raising money for a new commercial kitchen - farm market building for the onsite farm market and training center. We also offer Classes on how to raise and process them and preserve food so you have the skills you need to survive in the times ahead.  We recently became a Charter for the Weston. A. Price Foundation and will be giving seminars in the coming year.  Planned for (2024) We have a huge Permaculture project this spring consisting of 4 swales and a pond for water conservation , the swales will be planted with fruits and nut trees, nitrogen fixers, native plants, and forage for our goats and possible Zebu cattle and we can't forget our Donkey Eden that protects all the animals on the farm.  We will also be turning a large greenhouse frame into a meeting hall and tea room. So join our mission, enjoy events on the farm, get to know us - people say we are pretty cool folks,  and get healthy products.   God Bless.

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